There is a vast amount of locations to choose from when it comes to traveling.  Most places in the world are accessible to you with a bit of research and preparation! Whether you are vying for white sand beaches and hot sun, or cold wind blasting in your face as you hike up a mountain, the world can provide it with you.  I will provide you with articles here that will help you make an educated decision on the best location for you! Accommodation and other travel essentials will be noted as well, so you can confidently search the site and know you’ll find everything you need!

I believe the best way to provide you with valid and true information on destinations is from my own experiences.  Of course, I have many more countries to see and experience in the world.  As I slowly update the destination page, you’ll be with me on my journey around the world.  When I travel, I do everything from mainstream, tourist activities, to finding the best waterfalls, and eateries off the beaten path.  I think the best travels are ones where you strive to find activities you enjoy, whether other people enjoy them or not.

The images I use in my destination guides are my own, which is why it’s important to me that I’ve been to the places I write about.  This way you can trust I have the best and most truthful information for you!  I am always open to giving advice or helping you brainstorm ideas for your next destination if I am able to give adequate help.

The more I travel, the more aware of my own personal safety in countries.  I am a female solo traveler, and although it is a nerve wracking experience, I know that it is important to be vigilant and strategic.  Some countries are safer than others.  It is imperative that you do your research on how to feel safe if your destination is notorious for crime. Feel free to discuss with me questions or comments about countries you may be interested in, but are worried for your personal safety.  I have been finding the best ways and products that will keep you and your valuables safe, because your main priority should be enjoying yourself while you’re away!

Click on the continent you’re traveling to! This section will be constantly updated, so stay tuned for more articles on everything from sightseeing to the best places to eat!

Don’t see the location you’re looking for?  Shoot me an email, and I will get you all the information you need.



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