Asia is the largest continent of the world, with an enormous forty eight countries! It covers a land area of over seventeen million square miles, and have close to a five billion population!  The largest city in all of Asia is Tokyo, Japan, with a population of almost thirty eight million! Asia is surrounded by three oceans, the Pacific, Indian, and Arctic oceans,

There are six regions within Asia: north, central, south, southeast, southwest, and east.  Every region is different and unique, and definitely worth visiting.  If you don’t know very much about the regions in Asia, I will give a short summary of each.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to check them out!

North Asia: Known as Siberia, it takes up the most land area in the continent of Asia, but has the smallest population.  There’s a good reason for this- It’s freezing!! Year round, North Asia is struck with below freezing temperatures.

Central: Also known as the countries from former Soviet Union.  It is a large region of extremely varied terrain and geography.  It has everything from deserts to mountains. The climate is moderate in most of the area.

South:  Here, you will find the Himalayan Mountain range, including Mt. Everest.  This Mountain is known as the highest in the world, at an incredible 8,848 meters above sea level.

Southeast: Southeast Asia included many islands around a strip of the mainland.  The climate is generally quite warm, except in the highlands.  Trips through Southeast Asia are popular for holidays, and for backpackers.

Southwest: Known as the Middle East.  The lowest point on earth is the Dead Sea, located in Israel.  It is below sea level at 417 meters.  I can say from personal experience, that it is one of the highlights of visiting Israel!

East:  China is the largest country in East Asia, with the highest population of people in the country, in the world!    Highlights here include the Great Wall of China, and the Yangtze River, the fourth longest in the world.

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