Oceania is bigger than you may think! It consists of fourteen countries, as well as twelve dependent territories.   However, even with this many countries, it is still the smallest continent in the world.  Oceania is surrounded by Indian, Pacific, and Southern Oceans.  The largest country in Oceania is, of course, Australia.  This counts for about 86% of the total area of Oceania.  The smallest country is Naura, taking no more than an hour to drive the entire country.  The most popular tourist destinations in Oceania includes the big cities in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), as well as the beautiful coastal beaches along the east coast.  Fiji is quite popular for a short holiday, as well.

So far, I will be writing a number of articles on various activities, hikes, and the best restaurants available in Australia and New Zealand.  As I venture further into Oceania, I will be able to write additional articles.  Please be patient with me as I prefer to truly experience a country, instead of staying for just a short holiday!  The best information comes from the true knowledge of really knowing a country.

Check here for all articles related to travel in Oceania! If you have any questions or would like me to write a specific guide, please let me know!


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