Free Activities in Wellington

If you’re on a tight budget while traveling, it’s important to find the free activities! Here are some great ideas of free activities in Wellington, New Zealand.  There is something for everyone!

Harbor walk
Walking along the waterfront can be as exciting or relaxed as you wish. Take a look at the shops in small shipping containers, stop in the arena, or just take a stroll on a nice day next to the water. There are food vendors as well.






Wellington Museum
This little gem may not be as talked about at the te papa museum, but it is worth a visit! Four floors of interactive exhibits makes for a fun hour or two. A $2 donation is recommended, and that’s a small price to pay for how incredible this museum actually is. You’ll find past and present information throughout, Maori history, and activities.

Te Papa Museum 
This massive museum can entertain you for hours on end. Floor after floor of beautiful and informative exhibits will keep you busy, but have a coffee break at the cafe on level 3. On the 6th floor, there is a viewing platform where you get great views of the city.

Parliament Tour
If you’re willing to part with you bag, camera and cell phone for an hour, take part in this free guided tour which will take you around the parliament house. Personally, I prefer self guided tours and the freedom to walk around, like in the Canberra parliament house, but guided tours will give you much more in depth information.







Botanic gardens 
If you want to part with $4 one way to take the interesting cable car up, you can walk back to the city through the botanic gardens. This is a great way to spend your afternoon. Pack a picnic lunch and don’t forget your camera! As you wander the maze of gardens, you’ll see some incredible plants. Don’t forget the begonia house and rose garden! There is a cafe located in this area if you’d like an authentic botanic garden experience.

Mount Victoria Lookout
Either take the drove up to the lookout, or take a nice walk up for panoramic views of the city and the surroundings. Highly recommended and an incredible area. The hustle and bustle of the city is soon forgotten as you stare in awe at how pretty the city looks from a birds eye view.

What is your favorite activity in Wellington? Leave a comment!

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