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No matter where we go in the world, it’s imperative to practice self care and lead a healthy life.  With the changing environments, climates, seasons, it’s always possible that we will need to change up our skin or haircare routine in order to prevent dry skin or split ends.  The best travel essentials will allow us to focus on our travels, not on our hair.  It’s always important to check out the location you’re planning on heading to.  Check out the weather, the humidity, and make sure you always know which season it is in that country!

In addition to having worthy skin and hair products, many women need to bring their makeup along as well! The best piece of advice here is to downsize and find products that can help you multitask and bring down the time it takes to get ready.  Face it, we all know we’d rather be exploring than spending those precious hours putting on foundation.

I know that I’m someone who is unable to go with beauty products.  Hair wise, I have very long, temperamental curly hair. It requires a high amount of care, so I’m constantly working to find the best products while I travel that will help me cut down on the time and costs of keeping my hair from dreading itself while I’m on the road!

My makeup is equally important to me.  I wear it because it makes me feel good, and helps me at times when I feel my skin isn’t looking it’s best, or when I want to look nice for a night out.  We all have our reasons for wearing makeup, and traveling doesn’t have to be a reason to give it up!  I’m always looking for makeup items that will last and that are affordable.  We can do a lot with very little if we know how to!

In order to stay healthy and feel great during your trip, it’simportant to keep your fitness in mind as well.  It’s not always easy to stick to a diet while traveling, or even a workout routine if you don’t settle anywhere long enough to obtain a gym membership.  However, exercise can not only help you survive a very long flight, but it can help you overcome jet lag faster, prevent sickness, and feel more confident on your hikes!  I know in New Zealand, many of my hikes are very demanding and exhausting, and when you hike with others, it’s best to be able to keep at the same pace.

Lauren is here to save the day! I will provide you with easy workouts and ideas to keep with your fitness, and the best travel essentials to assist you in maintaining your good health.  Eating healthy and preventing sickness should be one of our traveling priorities, as it can be a bummer when we have to miss out because we are too ill.  I have the best recommendation for vitamins and food prep to help you stay healthy and fit no matter where you end up.


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