Kathmandu Hiking Boots : Review

Mount Wellington

I’ll begin by saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed hiking in my running shoes. They are quite light, and they have been able to grip quite well, no matter the hike. There was only one hike I really struggled with in Australia, and that was Lockley’s Path, down into the Blue Gum Forest in the Blue Mountains. As I slipped down the steep hill, my hiking partners recommended highly to get actual hiking shoes, especially as I was going to New Zealand.

Eh, I’ll consider it, I said.

I have seen the light.

As everyone knows, I love to treat myself. I am always able to come with a reason for it, even if it’s totally invalid. But that’s okay! I started researching hiking boots in nearby stores in Auckland, and although Kathmandu is notorious for being overpriced, they did have boots on sale. One in particular, the Terania Mids, had lots of really great reviews. They looked beautiful.  I ran to the store to see if they were in stock, and other than the store employee telling me that my feet looked too small (Ha!), I had a good experience.

I only tried on a couple of different pairs, but the Terania Mids felt so great. As long as my ankle area was covered by socks or leggings, the boot didn’t dig into my skin. The size 10 boot fit nicely, my foot didn’t slip, or feel too snug. They were on sale for $140, so I decided to get them and test the out the next day.

Kathmandu Hiking Boots

Let’s take a look at some of the specifications of these boots.

Kathmandu Terania Women’s Mid Hiking Boots

My rating: 9/10

Colors: Roots/Sangria or Gunsmoke/Fig.  I chose the Roots/Sangria option, and they are quite pretty, but still hardcore enough to get through tough hikes.

Here are some aspects of the boot from the Kathmandu website:

  • Mesh panels to reduce weight and aid overall breathability
  • Phylon midsole for cushioning and comfort
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane bootie keeps feet dry from water coming in and allows moisture and perspiration out
  • External plastic heel counter offers additional heel support
  • Internal pockets and pads deliver better overall unobtrusive fit at ankle, improving fit and reducing heel lift
  • Scratch rubber toe bumper for protection and extended wear
  • Durable and agressive design for grip

Basically, this means that the shoe is quite light and won’t make your feet overheat, but they will be comfortable enough to walk in for hours! They are waterproof, but I recommend getting waterproof boot spray, as it is an extra layer of protection when hiking in locations where the weather is unpredictable, and to keep your boots looking nice.   The extra heel support will help if you have tendencies to roll your ankles.

It was time to put these babies into action.

I took the ferry over to Rangitoto Island, New Zealand’s youngest volcano, which is just a short ride over from Auckland on the North Island.  I was aware that there would be various types of terrain, but I was fortunate enough to be able to test everything from flat ground, to puddles, to steep climbs and descents, rocky areas, and slippery paths. The boots passed all of my tests. It took a bit of trial and error to lace them correctly so they weren’t too tight or loose. Once I got it right, I was on a roll.

I felt like a 4WD watching the 2WDs struggle on a path they shouldn’t be on.

Again, I’ve had little issue hiking in my sneakers, but I’ve become well acquainted with how to hike in them. As there were a lot of tourists in everything from flat shoes to flip flops (!), I would not recommend anything but hiking boots or shoes with good grips for a place like Rangitoto. I powered right over slippery and uneven rock surfaces, while others were struggling to even keep their balance

Also, having bad feet, I tend to foot roll a lot, and very often have a near ankle injury as well. These boots kept my ankles upright, helped with my foot rolling, and for the first time EVER on a hike, I didn’t trip once. Maybe that wasn’t because of the boots, but I can pretend.  I made it to the top of the Summit and was treated to a beautiful view.

Thanks, boots!

It is important to have good socks when wearing hiking boots, as they are tougher than normal shoes.  I received a few blisters from using woks that were too thin and short.  Kathmandu supplies hiking socks as well, but I recommend these hiking socks.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for pretty hiking boots that get the job done well, these are highly recommended. I feel like I’ve reached true hiker status now!

Have you tried these boots?  What are you favorite hiking boots? Leave a comment!

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  1. Thanks for this review as I haven’t heard of this brand before, but New Zealand knows hiking and I’m sure knows boots! Being prior military I can definitely appreciate comfortable boots that are both functional and don’t tear your feet apart. I had a pair of Merrell hiking shoes when I lived in Germany and they were probably the best pair of hiking shoes I have ever owned. They were light weight and stood up to every task they were fronted with. They also lasted about 3 years and weathered a lot of wear and tear. I would love to get a chance to hike through New Zealand and maybe give Kathmandu Terania a try. Thanks for sharing and I will be bookmarking this site!

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