With so many options out there when it comes to choosing luggage, it is very easy to become overwhelmed.  You are able to choose from suitcases in a variety of sizes, as well as backpacks in all different sizes.  For backpacks, you have to worry if it’s better suited for a male or female body (there is a difference!), if it has the proper padding, its accessibility…the list goes on and on!  I’ve reviewed many styles of luggage and am able to assist in making sure you have the best possible choices to make an educated decision! Lauren Travels

Something to take into consideration when deciding between a suitcase and a backpack is the nature of your trip.  If you’re going to a resort, or not planning to do long excursions in the wild, a suitcase will do just fine.  Backpacks are best in places where you’ll be walking a lot, hitchhiking, hiking overnight, etc.  Rolling backpacks are quite popular as well, as it is a good hybrid between a suitcase and a backpack.  You’ll have the option of wearing or rolling, which gives you more freedom no matter where you go!

The size is a large factor as well, and my rule is to generally go smaller. This prevents you having a lot of extra room that you fill up with unnecessary items.  If you need to get souvenirs, save a little extra room in your bag, or mail them home! Backpacks do get quite heavy, after all, and the less stuff you bring, the easier it’ll be for you.  However, this is a lesson that is best learned through trial and error.  When we pack, we tend to pack nervously and “just in case.” Know that you can find many items at your destination, and if you find you really need it, just buy it!  You may find that you never needed it to begin with, so why bring it?  Save yourself the extra weight, and pack lightly.  Your back will thank you!




These Osprey backpackers are bestsellers for a reason! With many incredible features, you’ll never have to worry about how your bag will hold up during your trip!  If you’re planning a backpack trip around the world, or even just around your country, definitely look at these options. With bags for men and women, you will easily be able to find the right one for you.  Check out my review for these bags here.

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