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The gear we travel with is incredible important.  Chances are, we will be taking our gear with us all over the world, and multiple times.  Because of this, it is crucial that we choose only the most stable, the least problematic, and the highly efficient.  Whether it be your luggage or apparel, we need high quality products.

There are times when we can skimp on quality and choose the more affordable option.  In my opinion, when it comes to your travel gear, you always need to be weary about the cheaper products.  Do you want a solid backpack made to last, or a cheaply made backpack from China that will fall apart if you aren’t careful?  We should very rarely have to worry about the way we treat our gear, as it should be able to withstand a lot before it fails.

When it comes to choosing great gear, we need to research thoroughly.  It’s best to know exactly what we are looking for.  Currently, I’m on the hunt for a well made heat retaining shirt for my upcoming winter hikes.  I could decide on a cheaper option, which will probably love to be ineffective and not the quality I’m looking for, or find a shirt from a high quality brand that I know will help me not freeze to death and will last me a long time.  When I budget for trips, I tend to make a certain budget just for gear and make a list of the products I’m not willing to be frugal with.  When it comes to cameras, do you want to spend money on a great one to ensure the best pictures during your travels, or are you happy with unclear or not great quality photos?  These are the questions you should ask yourself before making decisions on your travel gear.

I will slowly be adding many reviews on products that I’ve used, or my travel friends have used with great success.  It’s important to compare products, so I will also be writing detailed reviews on comparisons that will help you choose the best gear for your journey.  As these are the things you’ll have with you for a while, you want to know that it will last and be the best items for you personally.

Here you are able to find product reviews and comparisons regarding everything from electronics to luggage!  Simply click on the page of your interest, and enjoy all the best travel items right at your fingertips! More items will constantly be added, so keep checking back!  If you have questions on any specific products, I’ll do my best to help you decide if it’s the right product for your needs.  Traveling is a constant trial and error with testing items, but there are aplenty of us who have done it so you don’t have to! Utilize your resources and you can save a lot of money by researching what will work best for you. Feel free to email with any questions.

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