When planning our travels, we always need to look out for the best airline tickets!  There are thousand of airlines available to us, going all different directions around the world.  First, decide what is important to you in a flight.
The number of layovers?
The extra leg room?
The entertainment?

It’s not uncommon to have a preferred airline to fly with, but sometimes that’s not possible depending on where you want to go in the world.  Flight comparison sites and doing a bit of basic research on different airlines can really make difference.  Ask your friends and family who they fly with, and if they would recommend them.  Type in a search of an airline and many reviews will pop up.  On short flights, this amount of research may not be necessary, but on flights with a time of 6+ hours, you want to know you will comfortable and that your needs will be taken care of.

I’ve provided a list of common flight comparison sites for your convenience.  I recommend checking each of these out and see the best deals you’re able to get.  REMEMBER: If you visit a flight website repeatedly, they will store cookies.  This means they are tracking what you’ve previously searched and are in need of.  The problem with this is that they can raise the prices on the products you’re interested in.  Try clearing your browser after searching for flights.  It will prevent these websites from being able to store your data and give you unwanted prices.


Cheapflights was established in 1996, and is based in London, UK. It has the reputation of being the first flight comparison website!  There’s a good reason it’s still running today, as it maintains up to date prices, and is a reliable source for its customers.  Some sites promise to find you the cheapest flights, but few actually do.  I’ve used Cheapflights with great success, even when I book last minute (which I usually do!). Definitely check this site out if you’re in need of great flight deals!


Expedia was released around 2001 and is based in the USA.  They offer great comparisons of competitive flight prices, but they are way more than simply a flight comparison site!  You can use Expedia for everything ranging from flights, to accommodation, to finding cars or cruises!  They offer ideas of what to do in your destination, as well. Their bundle deals may assist in saving your budget, so if you’re planning on a flight and need accommodation as well, definitely check out their bundling deals. With over 140,000 properties around the world, you’ll be able to book your flight and accommodation, no problem.


I have used Skyscanner many times, and I’ve had nothing but success.  It is my favorite comparison site, and that derives from not only how easy it is to use, but how I have the option to select a full month and easily have access to all of those prices.  This way, it’s much easier to compare what your flight might cost, especially if your departure date is somewhat flexible.  This website is more than just flights!  You are able to search for and compare hotels and car rentals, as well.  Having this information in one place will save you time, and time is money!  If you haven’t yet tried Skyscanner, I highly recommend you try it when booking your next flight.

STA Travel

No matter how difficult school can be, there are always perks to being a student! Whether it’s cheap or free entry to museums, aquariums, or even discounts while you’re shopping, you get perks for your hard work!  Travel is no different.  STA Travel is a fantastic resource for students, and even if you’ve graduated, they offer discounts for travelers under 30.  As a student, you can get big discounts on flights, but it doesn’t end there.  This site can help you book awesome adventure tours, hotels, student ID cards, etc.  You’re even able to book travel insurance through them! Take advantage of your student status and reap the rewards.  Discounts for youth or students should never be passed up.

Latest deals:

  • Starting March 1st Students & Youth van receive $10 off their Spring Break Airfare with promo code BREAKTIME.
  • Customers get $100 off United Airlines Student Fares to London or Manchester.
  • $20 off Student & Youth Flights to Australia and New Zealand with promo code AUNZ20NOV

Mount Wellington

While I was booking my flight to Australia, just the week before I was planning to depart, I found the prices were incredibly high, since it was so close to the date I wanted to leave.  I decided to do some research on youth rates, and managed to find a fantastic flight from Boston to Launcestion, Tasmania, for under $1000! It is possible to travel on a budget when you have the right resources.  I will be writing further on the convenience of credit cards where you can rack up flight points and miles, and my capital one credit card is no different.  I used it to book my flight to Australia and received a nice bonus!  By using the proper credit cards, you can learn how to travel for cheap or even for free, but that’s a whole different topic!

An important thing to remember when booking flights is to check the baggage policy of the airline before you book!  Some airlines tend to hide this information pretty well, so you may forget to check on it before paying.  Check how many items you can bring, and what is allowed for a carryon.  Some airlines are more strict than others, and if you don’t do your research beforehand, you could end up paying a lot more than expected at checkout!  Always know the luggage weight limitations.  Even just a tiny bit over the limit and you’ll be charged extra.  Also if you plan on checking more than one bag, make sure it’s either covered, or know what the fees are beforehand.  Baggage is the last thing you’ll want to worry about while trying to navigate the airport and keeping calm, and it will only stress you out before a big trip if you get slapped with extra charges while checking in.

These are my best flight resources to help you plan a smooth trip.  Have you used any of these sites?  What is your experience? Leave a comment below!


  1. Flights are a definite important part to the trip, and it is important to have a nice enjoyable flight to get your trip off on a good start. I
    Besides for the leg room and layovers it is also important to take into account what is included in the cost of the ticket, for example spirit doesn”t even give out drinks unless you pay extra for it!
    Also for families flying with children, it is important to know what the airports guidelines are for taking strollers through security, ths is based on the airport itself not the airline, some airports will not allow stroller over a certain weight through security so one should be aware of this so they can plan accordingly, or choose to fly out of a different airport if possible.

    • Thanks for these extra things that should definitely be taken into consideration! A lot of people don’t realize just how many aspects of the flight need to be planned out.

  2. Hey Lauren,

    I travel quite a bit but never really look into these things, like foot spaces or entertainment usually I’d go for the recommendations from friends and family. I’ll be sure to check these flight comparison out for my next travel. Once thing I’d like to know though is that do these site list all of the airlines or only the major ones? Because I live in Vietnam so I wonder if they update information for my country.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • Hi there!

      Not everyone has to worry about extra seat space or entertainment, but it’s always good to know what your airline will offer! These sites list many different airlines- definitely the major ones, but a lot of smaller ones as well. I believe with the competition from other flight comparison sites, it’s important to offer as many airline options as possible. You will definitely be able to use these sites to find well priced flights from Vietnam!! 🙂

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