What is Hiker Etiquette?

If you are a new hiker, it’s important to be aware of hiker etiquette. It will assist you in having a good hike, and you might even make some friends along the way! No one like being slapped with large fines, so follow these tips and make sure you’re being a conscientious hiker and keeping the hike clean for the next person!

Passing others
When you’re hiking, chances are others will be hiking as well. Some may he faster than you. And others will be slower. It’s okay to get ahead of the slow hikers, and the most simple way to do it is a polite excuse me, and thank you. Don’t barrel past, and definitely don’t push. You don’t need to get into a heated argument about your rudeness while you’re trying to enjoy your day.

Leave No Trace
Always remember a trash bag! It’s okay to pack a lunch for your hikes, but remember to take all of your rubbish with you. Let nature remain beautiful and don’t litter. There are big fines everywhere if you’re caught throwing your trash on the ground.

Bathroom time
With the amount of water you should drink on your hike, you’re bound to need to pee eventually. Go far from the path, and try to find a little privacy if you’re in the bush. If you really need to go beyond peeing, make sure you’re read up on the rules for the number of meters away from the path you need to be, and dig a hole. Always cover it. Know the rules if you’re not allowed to bathroom on your hike, it’s not allowed everywhere, especially in New Zealand.

Leaving nature alone
When you’re on a beautiful hike and come across beautiful plants, trees, and memorials, the last thing you want to see is graffiti or carvings. As cool as you think it might be to forever have your name on a piece of history, avoid and appreciate instead. It will keep the history pieces preserved, and prevent a guilty conscience.

Do you have any more tips for hikers? Leave a comment!

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